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Dubai, like any touristy type city has their share of great deals at great prices. The great deals however are usually found in packages of activities, transportation or some other visitor attraction. The lower rates are like many in tourist areas are also available in low season when fewer visitors are in dubai.


Low season in dubai however is just as nice as high season. Due to the almost perfect year round weather, anytime is a good time to visit and enjoy dubai. Places like Sea World, Desert Safari, Dubai City Tour, Hatta City tour and many more all are open and waiting to see you.


To find accommodations however it's important to recognize that occupancy is what any hotel is looking to achieve. So check around and see what kind of deals can be found using local and web based travel agents. Some travel agents specialize in duabi tours and act as consolidators, booking blocks of rooms and travel arrangements. We're not talking about a sightseeing tour, though these are also available should you choose to purchase. These tours are simply designated and mean nothing more than a group of people, staying in the same accommodations.



If you're looking to visit Dubai in the high season, which is summer when most kids are out of school, expect to pay higher rates. Here also, it pays to plan ahead. Check the timing of your trip or vacation and don't arrive when there's major events, Remember to always ask for available discounts when booking. Remember the occupancy need of hotels. Sometimes, hotels will offer a discount especially if you have a close by competitors rate offer in hand. A quick call to several hotels in an area will provide ammunition to get the best deal from the reservation desk. Although many 4 and 5 star hotels will have higher rates, remember to look for discount deals and stay a while longer. After all, it is your vacation!